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Teeth Whitening Scarborough

Are you unhappy with the colour of your teeth? Hillsborough Dental can provide you with a brighter smile! We offer teeth whitening procedures, and our services can whiten the colour of your teeth by several shades. This is a great option for those who want to improve the appearance of their smile, and teeth whitening can help you achieve a smile you’ll be proud to show off. 

Interested in Teeth Whitening?

Our dentists here in Scarborough can discuss this procedure in great detail, and we will tell you all about our whitening methods and if they are right for you. Teeth whitening is very popular because it is one of the easiest and most affordable treatments to improve your smile, and when this process is completed by our professional dentists, you will walk away from your appointment with a visibly whiter smile!

We provide our patients with results and will tell you what you can expect from a teeth whitening procedure. We will discuss your desired appearance and will tell you if your expectations are realistic. The severity of your stains and the condition of your teeth will play a role in this decision, and we will tell you how white your teeth will be once the process is complete. 

Teeth naturally become darker as we age, and staining can be the result of the foods and drinks you consume regularly. Coffee, tea, red wine and dark berries, for example, will stain your teeth over time, but teeth whitening may remove these stains, and we can help restore the brightness of your smile. Depending on the colour of your teeth, we may even be able to provide you with a healthier and whiter smile in just one visit!

Peroxide-based bleaching agents will be used, and our professional in-office whitening systems contain a higher concentration of peroxide than over-the-counter products you can purchase in stores. We highly recommend discussing teeth whitening options with us before you start treatment because we will provide you with professional recommendations and will discuss the benefits of getting your teeth professionally whitened by our dentist here in Scarborough. At-home kits are available at local drug stores, but applying too much whitening gel or solution can damage your tooth’s enamel and harm your gums, and the same is true if you leave the whitening solution on your teeth for too long. Our dentist in Scarborough will monitor the process to prevent damage and sensitivity, and we will not harm your teeth during this process. 

Why Choose Professional In-office Teeth Whitening Treatment?

The main reason why we recommend in-office teeth whitening treatment is because it’s safe. Our team will prioritize safety at all times, and you will not have to worry about damage to your gums or teeth. Our team has years of experience with this treatment and has extensive training to ensure results. 

Our dentist will supervise the entire process, and professional in-office teeth whitening is the safest and most effective way to whiten teeth. The solution will be applied correctly, and your appointment will last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to complete. We will make sure this process is controlled and pain-free and will use high-percentage peroxide ointments you cannot buy from a store. Most patients will only require one visit to our office for this treatment, although we will first have to confirm if you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening procedures. We will consider your oral health condition, any previous dental treatments and your medical history and will then tell you if our teeth whitening treatment is right for you. 

Our Teeth Whitening Process

  1. Protection. Our dentist will start by covering your lips and gums to protect them. 
  2. Application. A whitening solution will be applied to your teeth. 
  3. Light application. A specially designed whitening light may be applied to activate the whitening solution.
  4. Repeat. We will repeat this process a few times to achieve your desired results. 
  5. Aftercare. Once treatment is complete, the dentist will provide you with post-procedure instructions. We will discuss the foods you can and cannot eat and will also go over your oral hygiene routine to provide you with helpful tips to keep your teeth white. 

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

When this process is completed here in our dental clinic, the process is very safe because our dentist will supervise the entire process to prevent damage to your teeth and gums. Safety is always prioritized, and our dentist will apply the whitening solution correctly. They will also apply the right amount to provide patients with results without any of the side effects you may experience with at-home whitening kits. There are risks involved when using over-the-counter teeth whitening products and you may experience tooth sensitivity, dentin and enamel damage, gum damage and irritation and an increased risk of tooth fractures. 

If you want to whiten your teeth, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with our team because we will go over all of your teeth whitening options and will provide you with professional advice regarding the treatment that would be best for your unique needs and oral health condition. 

Looking for Teeth Whitening in Scarborough?

Don’t search any further and contact our dental clinic today! Our team will provide you with a safe and effective teeth whitening treatment, and we can also discuss other cosmetic dental services we offer to help you achieve a brighter and more beautiful smile. We will first conduct a dental exam and cleaning before we proceed with teeth whitening treatment and are always available to answer your questions regarding teeth whitening in Scarborough. 

You can contact us at any time to schedule a consultation. We will review all of your concerns and will provide you with helpful answers. Your smile is one of the first things people will notice, and if you are unhappy with your teeth, we can discuss the treatments that will improve the look of your smile. We welcome new patients, and if you are ready to talk to a reputable teeth whitening dentist in Scarborough, contact us today!

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