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Common Myths about Teeth Whitening

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Blogs, Teeth Whitening

It’s natural to want whiter looking teeth and a lot of patients are interested in this cosmetic dentistry procedure. It is very popular and the results provide the patient with a brighter smile they can show off year-round. While teeth whitening will ensure a radiant smile, there are many people who are scared to go through with it because of the myths surrounding this procedure.

If teeth whitening is a procedure you are interested in, it’s important that you know the facts and the following information will shed some light on this issue and the aspects that are false.

The most common myths include:

Whitening your teeth will damage tooth enamel

Leaving whitening products on your teeth longer than recommended or incorrectly applying at-home products can have negative effects on tooth enamel. Dentists, however, will provide you with a safe and professional teeth whitening experience that will not damage any of your tooth enamel and for this reason, at-home products are not always recommended.

Whitening procedures work on veneers and dental restorations

This is false and teeth whitening products only work on natural teeth. Many people who are going to undergo dental implant therapy whiten their teeth before their oral surgery because this will allow their new dental crown restoration to be made to match.

Patients with sensitive teeth cannot receive this treatment

If a very strong whitening solution or gel is applied, a patient may experience pain and sensitivity during the procedure or afterward; however, weaker solutions are available and can be used on patients with sensitivity issues. There are a number of different whitening options and your dentist will discuss which one is right for you based on your concerns.

One procedure is all you’ll ever need

Whitening effects are usually permanent; however, the daily consumption of beverages and foods can stain your teeth and the natural ageing process will also affect the results. The dentin layer underneath the enamel can naturally darken over time and this will cause you to have a yellow or greyish appearance. For this reason, more than one appointment will be necessary to touch up your teeth and achieve the best results.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are as effective as the ones used by dentists

Nowadays, there are so many whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, gums and strips to choose from at your local pharmacy or grocery store. These may seem like easy options but they will not be nearly as effective as the products dentists use. There is also a greater risk of damage when you attempt whitening products on your own because it’s easy to misapply the products. Leave this procedure to the professionals instead and let your dentist complete it for you.

Hillsborough Dental Centre in Scarborough can help with all of your teeth whitening needs. If you want a brighter smile, give us a call now and we will help you achieve it!