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Who Is An Ideal Candidate For A Dental Implant?

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Blogs, Dental Implants

Missing or failing teeth are increasingly common conditions in both adults and children, and more are seeking the advice of professional oral surgeons for dental implant solutions. Implants come with many benefits over other treatments, including helping avoid bone loss commonly seen with dentures, and don’t require adjacent teeth to be altered to accommodate it.

Despite these advantages, implants are not ideal for everyone, and a couple of factors should be considered when searching for the ideal candidate for implants.

Good Health

Some patients may have a pre-existing condition that could make it very difficult for them to heal after their procedure, like an autoimmune disorder or severe cases of diabetes. Smokers are also at a greater risk than non-smokers for the implants do not integrate into the existing bone. This is due to the effects of tobacco and its by-products.

It also stands to reason that if an implant is provided to a patient, that patient must be willing to stick to good oral hygiene practices to ensure the area stays clean and healthy. Without proper care, it can lead to gum disease or gingivitis.

Good Bone Density

This might go without saying, but for an implant to properly take hold, there must be enough existing bone for the implant to affix to. Lower bone density may mean that drilling an anchor point may cause unwanted damage to the jawbone, or may result in the implant weakening over time and breaking free. In some instances, patients may require a bone graft to support the implant, but is usually only reserved for special cases that can support the procedure. Our professionals at Hillsborough will give you the best recommendation for your individual situation.

Missing One Or More Teeth

For most people, only one implant is required as they will only lose a single tooth. Some, unfortunately, lose more teeth than others, and especially when older, teeth could fall out at an increased pace. Although dentures are the usual course of action for most patients, some don’t like the fact that dentures tend to slip, and would much prefer implants.

There is a type of implant that places a smaller number of implants into the jaw to support a bridge of teeth, rather than doing individual implants for individual teeth. While most commonly done to replace a full complement of teeth in the upper or lower jaw, partials can be made as well to accommodate particular areas of need. This avoids the problem of slippage seen with dentures by fully securing the prosthetic teeth to the jaw.

At Hillsborough Dental Centre, our dentists and dental surgeons are fully trained for any dental needs and are fully prepared to provide you with your best course of action for dental implants, or other dental procedures. If you are thinking about your options for dental implants in the Scarborough area, make an appointment with us today and let us find a great solution to give you a better smile.