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5 Benefits of Visiting a Family Dentist

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Blogs, Family Dentist

Visiting a family dentist is beneficial for many reasons, including being able to see the same professional every time your child needs a checkup. Visiting a family dentist is particularly helpful for children, as these professionals have a special rapport with young patients.

This makes the process for attending your appointments for dental treatment more manageable and more comfortable for everyone. Children are naturally more comfortable when a family dentist is involved. In addition to this, visiting a family dentist is convenient for everyone, so you and your children can enjoy a visit together.

1.   Track Your Child’s Dental Health

Visiting a family dentist can help you keep track of your child’s dental health as they grow. Regular checkups will help you avoid cavities and other problems as they appear. You can also visit your child’s dentist early in their development, so they’ll view the office as a positive experience. A family dentist can also provide emergency dental care for your child.

2.   Getting Root Canals

You may need a root canal procedure if you have an infected tooth or several infected teeth. This relatively simple procedure can save your teeth and restore your smile.


You should schedule a root canal appointment as soon as you notice signs of a problem. In some cases, the procedure can be completed in just one visit. Contact your family dentist in Scarborough to schedule an appointment to learn more about root canals and their benefits.

3.   Regular Monitoring

Getting regular dental checkups for your oral health is essential for the overall health of your family. Visiting a good family dentist in Scarborough will keep your teeth strong and healthy.

4.   Routine Hygienic Maintenance Regular Cleaning

Getting a cleaning when visiting a Scarborough family dentist is integral to comprehensive dental care. Regular visits not only promote good oral hygiene but also promote overall health. Dentists also use regular dental visits to check for early signs of oral cancer and the overall health of your face and jaw bones. A typical cleaning should be performed at least once every six months for healthy individuals, but more frequent care may be necessary for those with gum (periodontal) disease.

5.   Preventive Care and Dentistry Services

Visiting a family dentist in Scarborough is a great way to ensure your children have a healthy smile. The services offered by dentists fall into three categories: preventative care, restorative care, and cosmetic care.

Preventative care includes cleanings, X-rays, and examinations. The latter category includes procedures like fillings, root canals, and extractions.

Our dental services include:

  • cosmetic dentistry
  • dental implants
  • family dentistry and pediatric care

Scarborough Dental Clinic

In addition to General Dentistry, our Cosmetic dentistry services include teeth whiteningorthodonticsveneers. Enhance your smile with our quality dental services! All of these services and more are available at Hillsborough Family Dental, in addition to emergency dental care in Scarborough. We provide direct billing if your treatment is covered by a dental insurance provider. Call today at 416-289-7373 or visit our dental office at 108 Corporate Dr, Unit 18 Scarborough to find out how we can help with your dental needs!