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Your Dentist in Scarborough Gives 5 Tips to Prevent Tooth Loss

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Blogs

Losing your teeth when you’re young is fun! The tooth fairy comes to give you money and your adult teeth begin to grow in. What is not as fun is losing them when you’re an adult. While they can be lost in a trauma related incident like falling or having them knocked out while playing baseball, that isn’t usually how adult teeth are lost. Without the proper care and dedication to your oral health, you risk infection and tooth loss. When you lose your adult teeth, they do not grow back and must be replaced by a dentist. If you want to keep your adult teeth in great condition, follow these five tips from a Scarborough dentist.

Brush Twice A Day

Brushing your at least teeth twice a day is a must if you want to retain all your adult teeth. Plaque builds up quickly and is very damaging to teeth health. If you are not brushing your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed, you have to, don’t sleep with a dirty mouth and let that plaque build while you sleep. Ideally you should brush after each meal to rid the teeth of food residue.

Don’t Forget The Gums Tongue And Cheek!

When you brush, don’t just brush the teeth, the gums, cheeks and tongue are all important features that must be cleaned in a healthy mouth.


Brushing your teeth is a great start, but it’s hardly enough. To rid your teeth of plaque completely, you will have to reach those hard to get areas in between your teeth. This is the place that most cavities form, so by flossing, you’re protecting your teeth from cavities and tooth loss.

Watch What You’re Eating

Eating very acidic foods all the time can wear down your tooth’s enamel. Once in a while is okay but eating lots of lemons, tomatoes and drinking coffee all the time are sure ways to damage the enamel. Additionally, foods high in sugar can facilitate the perfect environment for plaque buildup. So the stereotype that dentists don’t like sugar, might just have some merit.

See A Dentist Regularly

Finally, see a dentist regularly. Despite your best cleaning efforts, sometimes you will miss stuff. That is not a problem when you see a dentist every six to nine months for a cleaning. Our dentists have the special cleaning tools that rid the mouth of plaque completely. It might not always be a comfortable experience, but neither is losing your teeth.

Following all these tips will help keep your teeth in perfect condition, making sure none of them fall out, or need to be extracted. To book an appointment with the dentists at Hillsborough Dental Care cliniccall us today. We always welcome new patients and can’t wait to see your beautiful smiles!