Invisalign Scarborough

Invisalign Scarborough

Invisalign braces are custom made to fit your teeth snugly, so that they are virtually invisible. We create a custom treatment plan to gently shift your teeth into place by replacing your aligner every week.

Are you worried about crooked teeth but don’t like the idea of getting braces? You aren’t alone. You are part of a growing group of people who want their teeth correction to be as unnoticeable as possible.

With recent advances in dental alignment, the industry has developed Invisalign: a series of clear, custom aligners that are moulded specifically to your teeth. No metal brackets, no elastic bands, just a set of virtually invisible plastics that get changed out every two weeks until the end of your treatment.

Invisalign also comes with extra benefits above being invisible compared to braces. You now have no restriction on the foods you can eat, is removable at any time, allows for normal brushing and flossing for better oral health, and is made of smooth and comfortable plastic that is far less likely to irritate the inside of your mouth when compared to sharper metal braces.

If you or a loved one needs braces and are looking for a suitable alternative to traditional metal varieties, Invisalign may just be the solution you have been looking for. Our friendly dental staff in our convenient Scarborough location are well-equipped to help you discover if Invisalign is right for you!