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Family Dental Scarborough

Finding an experienced and trustworthy dentist for your entire family is a huge convenience. Hillsborough Dental is a highly patient-focused dental practice located in Toronto. We deeply value our patients’ health, wellbeing, and safety. We offer a variety of services for patients of any age.

Family dental services:

Routine teeth cleanings

Going for routine cleanings is important at any age. Our team of dental professionals has a passion for creating and maintaining beautiful smiles. Part of that process involves routine dental cleanings with a professional. Our friendly, experienced staff use tools, equipment, and products that work best for your teeth. Leave with a cleaner smile and healthier mouth each time. We recommend seeing a dentist every six to nine months depending on what you need and your insurance coverage.

Dental screenings

As we age, it is important to check for any potentially cancerous abnormalities. At Hillsborough Dental, we perform dental screening to look for any abnormalities in oral tissues.

Dental surgeries

While you may do your best to avoid needing dental surgeries like root canals, extractions, and cavity fillings, unfortunately, things may still happen and mean you need to see a dentist to correct some issues. We know these processes can be uncomfortable, so we aim to minimize discomfort during the process. We offer one-visit root canals, and anesthetic for uncomfortable procedures.

Teeth replacements

Lost or missing teeth? Not to worry, our dental team can find a solution for you! We offer dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges to fill in any gaps in your smile.

Dental guards

Whether you are 15 and playing hockey or a 51 year old who grinds their teeth at night, Hillsborough dental has you covered with teeth guards. Obviously the makeup of a protective sports guard is going to be different than a nighttime guard, but the quality and quickness of our service is unmatched.


If you are looking for straighter teeth, we have got you covered. Our dental clinic offers solutions from traditional metal bracket braces as well as Invisalign corrective retainers. If your child sucks their thumb, we offer preventative solutions for you as well. Ask our dentists about what we can offer to deter the bad habit.

Cosmetic dentistry

Looking for a brighter, whiter smile? We have got you covered! Our team offers whitening services both at home and in the clinic. We use the latest technologies that are the least damaging to your teeth. We also can install veneers that will give you the smile of your dreams.

Hillsborough Dental knows how important it is to find a dentist your entire family can visit happily. Our passion for beautiful, healthy teeth is endless and we are always welcoming new patients of any age. Call or visit us today to book your first or next appointment!

Adult & Pediatric Dentistry

As a dental practice, we believe in the importance of lifelong preventative care. The goal of our hygiene program is to ensure that every one of our patients is provided with the knowledge to maintain excellent oral health from childhood through adulthood.

We provide a full range of dental services, including:

  • ViziLite Oral Cancer Screening

ViziLite helps healthcare professionals identify, evaluate, monitor and marks abnormal oral lesions.

  • Intra-oral Camera Imaging

Intra-oral imaging provides both dentist and patient with high quality, easy to read oral images.

  • Intra-oral Digital X-rays (Reduces Radiation by Over 70%)

Excellent x-ray image quality and low radiation doses make intra-oral x-rays the preferred x-ray technique for dentists and patients alike.

  • Panorex, Cephalometric & TMJ Radiography

Advanced radiography techniques provide us with most accurate diagnoses.

  • Ultrasonic & Prophyjet Cleanings

Polish enamel and “power away” even the heaviest calculus deposits while providing exceptional comfort.

  • One-Visit Root Canal Treatments

Root canal procedures are vital for treating infections and inflammations at the root of teeth. For a procedure that normally takes multiple visits to the dentist, we can provide the full treatment in one visit.